Spiritual Protection

I’ve just lately began working with a shopper that has some dangerous vibes. After each assembly with him I’d really feel drained and agitated. It could take me a lot too lengthy to return to my regular self afterwards. Performing some analysis on-line and speaking to some pals, I spotted I have to actively defend myself whereas being round this individual. I gathered some helpful data on safety and summed it up.

determine overseas energies?

Unfavourable or constructive energies can come from locations, issues, individuals or spirits. Often, we have a tendency to draw what we broadcast. One in every of our first reactions is straight by means of our physique:

Negativity – contraction, ache, concern, heaviness or tensity

Positivity – growth, peace, lightness and heat

The best approach to determine that is occurring, is when you end up saying: “I do not really feel like myself”

Why do we’d like Safety?

Each residing being is surrounded by an Aura – a magnetic area of power. When our Aura is weak because of; illness, tiredness, melancholy or concern, we change into susceptible to “invading” energies. At these occasions we have to defend ourselves in order that these overseas energies do not throw us off-balance.

Sorts of Safety

Safety Amulets – gadgets that carry a protecting objective

Centipede pearl Non secular Gadgets – visualizing a protecting area?

Safety Amulets

I personally wish to put on necklaces that carry a uncooked crystal. I’ve a number of of them and I alter them just about in accordance with my temper or the chakra that I really feel wants extra consideration. A few of my favorites are: Sugilite, Azurite, Angelite (Anhydrite) and Moonstone.

I do know many individuals who like necklaces of ‘Sacred Geometry’ as safety amulets. In the long run its very particular person and depends upon what you join with and what you consider will defend you.

Non secular Safety

Is a type of meditation the place you principally visualize the protecting area round you or the place/ individual you wish to defend.

As soon as I found this method I used it earlier than the assembly with unsettling shopper. I used to be astounded by the outcomes! throughout our complete assembly I saved visualizing the protecting area spinning round me, deflecting the destructive energies spinning across the shopper. After the assembly I felt nice and relaxed. I did some cleaning within the workplace after he left and did not give it one other thought for the remainder of the day.


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