Karma, Destiny, Covid, The Big Lies

In case you are a faithful believer in karma, future and destiny, then you’ll not like what I’m going to say. Nevertheless, in case you are looking for reality, and have an open thoughts, on the lookout for goal info, then chances are you’ll benefit from the ideas I’ll put forth right here and see the place they lead your personal ruminations.

Faith has at all times been about management of the plenty. That’s it is level and objective, to maintain giant numbers of individuals below management and straightforward to control into doing blatantly ridiculous or evil acts.

Going again in historical past to the rise of Christianity or Islam, we are able to see the huge progress of these religions was based mostly on wars, conquering weaker cultures, and forcing conversion with the choice being loss of life. How can respectable human beings assault and homicide harmless unarmed cultures? By being so managed by the ideas of faith and the promise of a greater subsequent life.

The aim of faith is to manage, and governments are the trendy ‘church’, they’re each the identical idea, management the plenty. Faith was fading in its energy, which has led to the rise of radical spiritual actions and a few governments bringing faith into legislation and cultural norms. Governments are dropping their energy to manage the plenty, they usually wanted to discover a option to acquire again complete management over the inhabitants.

The web has prompted an enormous drawback for the folks in energy, it has unfold data and incites impartial pondering of the folks. Occasions just like the Arab Spring (a collection of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions that unfold throughout a lot of the Arab world within the early 2010s), or mass riots within the USA, couldn’t have occurred with out the web. The governments wanted to discover a new option to management folks, and taking the lesson from faith, they discovered a option to make folks comply with like sheep based mostly on the idea that the federal government, just like the spiritual leaders, are attempting to guard you, sure you personally.

To manage a mass inhabitants could be very tough if they’re sturdy, so like in any conflict, if you wish to win, you must weaken your sufferer so they’re straightforward to defeat.

Non secular authors got here up with the idea of exactsign schnelltest, and Future. What occurs to you now could be your destiny attributable to one thing you probably did in earlier lifetimes. You haven’t any thought what that was or who you have been, however you settle for your destiny and life scenario now, since you deserve it, it’s your personal fault; karma, future, and in case you are obedient now, then subsequent life, you’ll have a reward.

That subsequent life may very well be heaven or a brand new human incarnation, relying on the faith you ascribe to, however the level is, you’ll do what you’re advised and never combat again, for one thing you can’t be assured of getting, apart from by way of blind religion.

Religions additionally love the idea of telling you ways you’re so inferior you’ll be able to by no means perceive God, which does make sense, however that the whole lot is God’s will, and God has a plan, so you must suck it up and settle for no matter it’s. You might be too silly to understand, so ‘belief me’ and I’ll let you know what is de facto taking place. Should you consider them, then they’re proper, you’re too silly to grasp since you gave up the dear and uniquely human qualities of widespread sense and logical reasoning.

If future, karma and God’s will is actual, and that the whole lot is the way in which God desires it to be, and we’re created by God, then why do we now have this innate need to enhance issues, to proper the wrongs, to assist others and to vary ourselves? Clearly, God put these emotions into us, since all we’re is made by God.

If God gave us the will to vary then why would God give us that need after which inform us to not do something about it as a result of the whole lot is the way in which He desires it to be?

The one manner one can settle for karma and future is thru blind religion. There isn’t a logic or affordable rationalization that we should always endure on this life for issues carried out in a pervious life that we do not know what they’re, and that if we’re good now, in a subsequent life, which we is not going to know at the moment about this one, we are going to get a reward. Or if we donate to the church and non secular leaders, after we die, we are going to go to heaven, assured, or your a refund!

It is all about stopping you from impartial pondering and logical reasoning which is how you’ll develop and evolve, and changing that with a blind belief in no matter you’re advised, whatever the info exhibiting it’s false.

As God mentioned within the Adam and apple story; ‘Now that Adam has eaten from the Tree of Good and Evil, we should stop him from consuming of the Tree of Everlasting Life, LEST HE BECOME LIKE US.’

So kick him out of the backyard now that he is aware of the reality about what we’re doing earlier than he revolts and assaults us. Learn the story with logic, the thoughts of a kid who has not been programmed, and see what you make of the story.

A bit of behavioural psychology lesson is acceptable to place this in context. When an individual is for certain they know one thing, it’s inconceivable to get them to see they’re fallacious. Irrespective of how a lot you inform an individual who has a closed thoughts, however is for certain that they’ve an open thoughts, that they’re being closed minded, you’ll by no means break by way of to them. When the scholar is for certain they know, it’s inconceivable to show them something. Do you ‘know’ what the bible story means?

Let’s transfer as much as at present, the top of 2020. As I mentioned earlier, the web has led to mass riots and revolts, main modifications and difficulties for governments to manage their folks, and it can’t be stopped. The one answer was to discover a manner of weakening the folks by way of worry to get them to surrender their freedom and rights willingly.

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